The Game-Changing Impact of Conscious Consumption on Fashion Sustainability and Our Future

At Tomi & Co., we believe that it is our responsibility to contribute to a better world by supporting organizations that share our values. We are committed to making a positive impact, whether it be on a global or local level, and we are pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring an organization annually to further our efforts.

Global Fashion Exchange (GFX)

This year, we are thrilled to announce that we’ve chosen to sponsor Global Fashion Exchange (GFX) and their incredible mission to promote sustainable fashion and reduce waste in the fashion industry. GFX is a leading organization in the industry, and their work has inspired positive change in the fashion world.

Sustainability for Beginners

Sustainability is a buzzword that we hear a lot these days, but what does it really mean? In essence, sustainability refers to practices that support long-term environmental and social well-being. In the world of fashion, sustainability means producing clothing in a way that reduces waste, pollution, and harm to workers.

There are many ways to participate in the sustainable fashion movement, from shopping secondhand to supporting ethical and sustainable fashion brands. Let's explore some examples of sustainable fashion practices and brands that are leading the way.

Thrift Shopping & Clothing Swaps

Shopping secondhand is a great way to reduce textile waste and extend the life of clothing items. Clothing swaps are also an excellent way to refresh your wardrobe without buying new items. Some popular secondhand stores include Goodwill, Salvation Army, and local thrift shops. Clothing swap events are often organized by local communities or organizations like GFX.

A clothing swap is a sustainable fashion event where people can exchange their gently used clothes with others in their community. Instead of buying new clothes, participants can refresh their wardrobe without contributing to the environmental impact of fast fashion. Clothing swaps are a great way to promote sustainable consumption habits, reduce waste, and connect with others who share a passion for ethical fashion.

Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Brands

Many fashion brands are dedicated to producing clothing in an ethical and sustainable manner. Here are some examples:

  • Patagonia: Patagonia is a well-known outdoor brand that prioritizes ethical practices and environmental conservation. The company uses eco-friendly materials and supports fair trade practices.
  • Reformation: Reformation is a sustainable fashion brand that uses eco-friendly materials and implements sustainable practices in their production process. They also prioritize worker safety and fair wages.
  • Everlane: Everlane is a brand that focuses on transparency in their production process. They source materials ethically and prioritize fair wages and safe working conditions for their workers.

Renting Clothing

Renting clothing items is a great way to reduce waste and save money. Some popular clothing rental services include:

  • Rent the Runway: Rent the Runway is a popular clothing rental service that allows you to rent high-end clothing items for a fraction of the price.
  • Nuuly: Nuuly is a clothing rental service that offers a variety of clothing items from different brands.

Incorporating sustainability into our everyday lives can be as simple as renting clothing. Looking for a sustainable fashion option? Check out IVY SHOWROOM in Atlanta for their rental service! I am a fan of their stunning rental pieces, like the one I’m pictured in here. Renting clothing is a great way to reduce waste and support sustainable fashion practices.

Upcycling and DIY

Upcycling involves repurposing clothing items or materials to create new items. DIY projects also allow you to create your own clothing items or accessories using materials you already have at home. Some examples of upcycling and DIY projects include:

  • Turning old T-shirts into reusable bags
  • Patching up torn clothing items instead of throwing them away
  • Creating new clothing items from old clothing items

GFX on Sustainable Fashion

By participating in sustainable fashion practices, we can reduce waste, decrease pollution, and support ethical practices. But sustainable fashion is not just about individual actions. It also involves supporting industry-wide change towards more sustainable practices. This is where GFX comes in.

GFX is an organization that is making a positive impact in the world through innovative clothing swaps around the world. They partner with industry leaders to generate positive actions towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Their innovative strategies and global network maximize improvements in social and environmental well-being. GFX Network engages governments, trade organizations, media giants, science and innovation leaders creating conscious communities and converting global goals into local action.

Let’s Swap!

Tomi & Co.,in collaboration with MODERN NATURED and FASHION ROW COLLECTIVE  is proud to partner with GFX to bring the Atlanta Swap Edition, an elevated immersive swap event promoting and driving sustainable fashion. We believe in the power of sustainable fashion practices to create a better future for all. This event is an opportunity for us to come together and experience sustainability in action. We'll be able to refresh our wardrobes, reduce textile waste, and support sustainable fashion practices.

Stay tuned for more details about the Atlanta Swap Edition, and in the meantime, let's continue to support sustainability in fashion in our everyday lives!

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