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Event planners design and plan events that could either be a good or bad experience for the client and/or guests. Technically, event planners design experiences but not all planners are "Experience Designers". While event planners may incorporate certain aspects of experience design in their work, the idea of “Experience Design” as a distinct profession, separate from event planning, is a topic that warrants further discussion.

So, what is Experience Design?

At the heart of experience design is the intention to create an emotional connection with the audience. Whether it's through humor, excitement, or wonder, experience designers aim to intentionally create experiences that resonate on a deep level and leave a lasting impression. This field is all about putting people at the center of the design process and creating experiences that touch hearts and minds. Experience design is not just about event planning; it's a holistic approach to designing spaces, products, services, and communications that inspire and delight.
Experience designers consider every aspect of the human experience. They are intentional in every aspect of the design process and it's this intentionality that sets it apart from other forms of design and makes it such a powerful tool for creating engaging, memorable experiences.

From the initial concept to the final execution, experience designers carefully consider every detail and make deliberate decisions to create experiences that are purposely, meaningful and impactful.


The intentional nature of experience design means that every aspect of the experience is thoughtfully crafted to serve a specific purpose. For example, lighting, sound and scent may be used to set the mood and create an atmosphere that is both welcoming and memorable.

The design of a space may be intended to encourage interaction and collaboration, while the choice of materials and textures may be intended to evoke balance, sense of comfort and well being.

The Nnamdi Experience: Renaissance

It was the intentional design process and the strategic choices made when selecting creative partners and vendors that truly made the experience one to remember for the guest of honor.

I wanted to create an emotional connection with our guests and the celebrant, by offering a truly unique and unforgettable Renaissance Experience. Three parties. One night. Below are the deliberate acts that powered the first party:

Guest management: From the very first Save the Date to the frequent carefully curated messages about the surprise and dress code, including visual outfit inspirations. If you're not convinced, scroll up and press play on the audio invite above. Simple, yet elegant. The sound of music evoked a deep sense of joy, anticipation and connection for the upcoming surprise celebration. For the guests, "The Experience" began before "THE EXPERIENCE".

Photoshoot: It was a perfect night to curate a photoshoot for the celebrant by one of the most sought after photographer and videographer in the entertainment industry, Mr. Joe Moore.

The Artist: Selecting the perfect performer to usher the guests into a renaissance era was a top priority. With a voice that can transport guests to another realm and memories of college days, our friend Priscilya Hawkes was a perfect fit for the occasion.

Microphone and Music: Every detail was carefully considered, including the choice of a classic vintage retro-style microphone and a compilation of Nina Simone favorites. Together, these elements created the unforgettable "Renaissance Effect."

"By Black Tie...we mean Black Tie"

Monet Lee - Events by Monet

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