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Hello! Dr. Mary Nwoke here, also well known as Tómi. I am the founder and Chief Experience Designer at Tomi & Co. I am extremely proud of the work we do and the joy we bring to our clients. Our success is not due to my efforts alone. The "Co." in our company name represents an invaluable part of our team: our creative partners.Welcome! You will love it here.

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Our Philosophy

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Eclectic and experiential, my work celebrates the unanticipated.

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At Tomi & Co. we believe that in everyone lies a hidden opportunity; an opportunity unknown to them. An opportunity to connect, an opportunity to engage, an opportunity to amaze & dazzle. We apply human experience (HX) design thinking to uncover those opportunities through an extensive research & discovery process. Tomi & Co. will open your eyes to hidden opportunities, enabling you to tell your story in a way that undoubtedly amplifies your brand - increasing loyalty, satisfaction, and impact!

Human Experience Design